Summer sets your feet free! Whether burying them in beach sand or splashing in the pool, your feet are active in the summer. Remember to stay hydrated and avoid extreme heat to stay safe and healthy. Protecting your feet with proper foot care this season is crucial so you can fully enjoy the summer without any injuries or discomfort.

Many of us struggle to touch our toes, but our feet are vital for mobility. Whether walking, running, dancing, or relaxing, our feet play a central role. So, before you dive into summer activities, consider these essential care tips.

Foot Care

Ensure Your Feet Get Sunscreen Coverage

Sunscreen is necessary for safe summer outdoor fun, but many overlook their feet. Some assume their feet will be exposed sparingly. However, in high UV conditions, sunburn can happen in just ten minutes. That’s why foot care at home is essential.

Think about those beach or pool days—your feet are out longer. So, generously apply sunscreen to your feet, ankles, and back. Reapply after swimming, and remember to remove flip-flops or sandals to avoid funny sunburn shapes.

Reduce The Time You Spend Walking Without Shoes

Being barefoot is a lovely part of summer, connecting you freely with sand and water. However, it’s crucial to do just what’s necessary.

Walking barefoot can raise injury risks, especially in hot summer conditions. Surfaces like parking lots or boardwalks can be much more desirable than they seem, potentially causing burns on your feet. Total foot care means you have to be prepared for these situations.

Moreover, prolonged barefoot exposure increases the risk of bacterial infections, ringworm, and plantar warts. Wear shoes, flip-flops, or sandals on shared, busy surfaces like pool decks, hotel hallways, and bathrooms for safety.

Gradually Break in Your Sandals

Like skipping sunscreen, rushing into wearing brand-new sandals is a typical summer foot mistake. We get it. The excitement of slipping into new sandals after months of boots and sneakers can be overwhelming!

However, don’t let the magical summer feeling make you forget about your foot care products. New sandals should be worn gradually to prevent foot injuries like other footwear. Many eagerly wear new sandals for an entire day at the beach or during vacation, only to end up with painful blisters from the stiff straps.

These blisters form when the straps, still rigid from being new, apply uncomfortable pressure to the foot’s surface.

Whenever possible, start by wearing your new sandals for short periods at first, even if it’s just around the house. It helps the sandals loosen up and adapt to your foot’s shape. This gentle foot care tip can reduce the risk of blisters.

Make Sure Your Feet Are Dry Before Wearing Shoes

Summer often sees flip-flops and sandals as footwear favorites, but after leaving the beach or pool, many switch back to shoes or sneakers. If you’re one of them, ensure your feet are completely dry before slipping on your shoes or socks.

Keeping your feet dry is essential to preventing bacterial or fungal growth, which, in turn, helps stave off foot odor.

Consider Your Feet When Planning Your Activities

Different summer activities call for a mild treatment and foot care routine. You’ll require different footwear for a beach day compared to hiking. When planning your summer adventures, consider what your feet will be up to and prepare accordingly. It ensures your feet are well-prepared for any activity.

For instance, pack flip-flops and water shoes for a day at a water park. If hiking is on the agenda, bring extra socks. It’s wise to have spare socks and sneakers as a backup whenever possible. They may be unused extras, but they can also come to the rescue in case of an unexpected need, such as avoiding a damp journey home.

Prepare Foot Care Products

Whether embarking on a day trip or settling into a rental house for a week, having first aid supplies on hand is wise. In addition to the standard first aid items, include a few extras to tend to your feet. These may consist of:

  • Aloe vera

  • Blister pads

  • Emery boards

  • Pumice stones

  • Toenail clippers

foot care

Be Careful of Athlete’s Foot

You don’t need to be an athlete to encounter this infection. Athlete’s foot, scientifically known as tinea pedis, is the most prevalent foot infection, affecting approximately 70% of people at some point.

According to foot care specialists, this highly contagious condition is typically acquired in locker rooms, swimming pools, or shared showers, as the fungus thrives in damp, humid environments. Wear clean sandals or shower shoes in these areas to prevent contracting this infection.

The athlete’s foot can manifest with varying symptoms, leading to misdiagnosis. It typically presents as peeling, cracks, dryness, scaling, and redness between the toes or on the soles of the feet.

Some individuals may experience itching and burning as well. Because an athlete’s foot shares symptoms with other conditions, such as contact dermatitis and psoriasis, it’s advisable to talk to a foot care specialist and seek an accurate diagnosis.

Take Steps to Protect Your Feet this Summer!

Don’t let foot problems ruin your summer fun. This guide is your ticket to a pain-free and enjoyable season. Discover essential tips for sun care, footwear choices, and preventing common summer foot issues.

Whether planning beach trips, hikes, or simply strolling around town, safeguard your feet with expert advice. Start your summer journey on the right foot—literally.

With efficient foot care, your feet will thank you. So, take the first step towards a fantastic summer today. Get Your Skin Summer-Ready with Foot and Ankle Centers. Our expert foot doctors have years of experience. Call us for an appointment today!