Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes-related feet are much more likely to suffer nerve damage, circulation problems, and infections—all problems that directly affect the feet. The lack of feeling and poor blood flow caused by poor diabetes management can allow a small blister or wound to progress into a serious infection that could lead to amputation.

Nerve damage—also called neuropathy—can cause the skin to dry out and crack, which opens up another avenue for bacteria and fungi to enter the body.

Wearing properly fitting shoes is crucial in keeping your feet healthy—a poor-fitting shoe can lead to foot problems like corns, calluses, or hammer toes. Walking and athletic shoes are good for daily wear because they support your feet and allow them to “breathe.”

Avoid wearing shoes made of vinyl or plastic and shoes with pointed toes or high heels. In addition to choosing proper footwear, you must also consider the socks you wear. Make sure your socks are clean, padded, and dry. Socks should always be worn—even if you’re wearing shoes—to protect against blisters and sores.

People with diabetes should also avoid walking barefoot at all times to minimize the risk of fungal and bacterial infections, as these can spread very easily. Wearing appropriate diabetic footwear is recommended to provide the necessary protection.

  • Searching for puncture wounds, bruises, redness, blisters, ulcers, cuts, and/or scratches
  • Examine the bottoms of your feet and toes
  • Thoroughly wash your feet with soap and warm water
  • Use lotion to keep feet soft
  • Trim toenails regularly
  • Smooth out corns and calluses

Properly managing your diabetes and protecting your feet can help avoid complications caused by infections. You risk losing your foot altogether when infections go untreated and aren’t treated properly.

When infections like gangrene begin to kill tissues, surgery to remove the affected appendage is the only treatment available. Diabetes is a serious condition that—if improperly managed—can become potentially life-threatening.

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Diabetic Shoe Program

Many diabetic patients experience problems with their feet due to poor circulation and loss of sensation. It is important to choose footwear in order to protect the feet from complications. To ensure comfort and proper fit, there are many shoes available that are specially made for diabetic patients.

Many of these shoes come with removable insoles or orthotics, offering extra support to keep the feet healthy. Shoes may also be custom-made to fit your individual feet to help you find pain relief. A proper fit and long-lasting support can prevent complications from occurring.

It is important for patients with diabetic foot problems to have regular podiatric exams in order to further protect their feet from these serious complications.

Schedule an appointment with Foot & Ankle Centers, our Podiatry Team will provide customized footwear fittings to help patients find the best shoes for their feet.

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